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Free and simple Issue Logging

Join the increasing number of homeowners calling for change. We will front-run any incoming regulator and supply them with valuable data on every volume-selling residential developer.

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What is Snagging?

Snagging is a comprehensive check or inspection of your new home. Unlike Surveying which focuses on Major issues, Snagging looks for all problems, including cosmetic issues such as paint or plaster finish.
When completed within the first two years of purchasing a new property, your developer will work to correct the issues.
There is no qualification for Snagging, so when you hire a snagging company, you are relying on their knowledge and experience in construction. Ideally, the representative will hold relevant industry qualifications and/or trade body memberships.
Using NBDBs Web App, you will be able to complete a visual inspection for your property. A snagging company often goes a step further, by completing thermal imaging, or intrusive cavity barrier checks which you will not be able to complete yourself.
Snagging companies usually charge in the range of £300 to £1200 depending on how comprehensive the check is.
Completing your own visual check will usually take a few hours of your time. It's this time you are paying a Snagging Company for at the lower end of the range rather than their expertise, as most people can complete a necessary visual inspection.

Our Web App takes you step by step through the issue logging process.


Select Property type


Setup room/space types


Select the location of the issue in the space


Select which issues you have


Repeat steps 3 to 4 logging all issues until complete


Download the free report or, pay us a small fee to print and post for you

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Thousands of voices

For too long homeowners have suffered from severe new build issues, fire safety issues and leasehold mis-selling, with no centralised place to record their issues.
Finally, there is an answer,
New Build Database

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Incoming Regulator

Join the increasing number of homeowners calling for change. We will front-run any incoming regulator and supply them with valuable data on every volume-selling residential developer.

New Build Industry

The Government aims to build 300,000 new homes every year to keep up with population growth.

Some developers have focused on growth or profits over quality. This policy has given rise to some severe issues in recent years.

Poor Workmanship

  • Partial collapse
  • Inadequate drainage
  • Roof issues
  • Poorly fitted windows
  • Missing Insulation

Fire Safety

  • Unsuitable cladding
  • Missing cavity barriers
  • Timber balconies
  • Missing fire doors
  • Flammable building materials

Holding Issues 

  • Leasehold charges not explained or excessive
  • Freeholds with hidden costs, known as 'Fleecehold'
  • Pressure to use developers own Solicitor

Our Customers

Typically, our customers fall into four categories.....


Purchased a new build property within the last two years and need free snagging support


Have a significant issue within their ten year warranty period (also logged using the snagging tool)


Feel misled about the terms of their Freehold, Leasehold or Sharehold contract

Fire Safety

Have a fire safety issue in their property, due to negligence of the builder

About Us

We offer Risk and Issue consultancy services to property developers based on the data homeowners provide, to drive improvement in the sector.

May 2019

Nichola, our CEO, discovered her property was one of those affected by missing Cavity Barriers, a serious Fire Safety issue.

June 2019

Nichola created a National Fire Safety Campaign group, to highlight the issues to other homeowners and has shared information with over 17,000 people to date.

Dec 2019

On behalf of the campaign group, Nichola gathered data and wrote a thematic Risk Report on the issues to share with Developers

Jan 2020

New Build Database (NBDB) was initiated with the aim of bringing support and transparency to New Build Home issues in the UK.  

Sept 2020

Phase One of NBDB is ready to launch, Including Free Support to capture Snagging, Fire Safety, Holding and Customer Service Issues

Coming Soon

The next phase will allow homeowners to add photos to their issues or upload files.

The Team

CEO monthly


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Nichola Venables

Press Kit

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